Contractor uses 3d floor planner to show clients dollhouse views

Showcase your style with our 3D home design app 

Our 3D Floor Planner lets you build plans in 2D, tour clients in 3D and even offers up an AR walkthrough of their future home. Talk about a leg up on the competition! See how easy it is to create realistic designs that showcase your unique style and personality with impeccable detail in seconds. Plus, you can measure designs with your phone, helping you master the art of space planning with minimal effort—no printed plans or manual calculations here. Simply add furniture, finishes, paint colors and more until you’re 100% satisfied with your 3D floor plan. You’ll be as excited to share your 3D floor plan design as your clients will be to see what you’ve created for them.

"I can do my designs, 3D floor plans and mood boards all in Houzz Pro, so it really streamlines my day. I'm not having to go from tool to tool to tool."


Pick a color. Any color.

With Houzz Pro, you can save time sourcing the perfect paint color. Use our 3D home design software to seek out any Benjamin Moore paint color that catches your eye. Clients can give their “yes” or “no” to paint colors in real time, allowing you to pivot fast and present your next idea. Because our 3D Floor Planner syncs with Houzz Pro’s proposal feature, you’re even able to add paint costs to a proposal with just a few clicks. Every minute spent perfecting your client’s color palette goes further when you have a tool like Houzz Pro. 


How to use our 3D Floor Planner 

You won’t believe everything you can do with our 3D room design app.


Measure in minutes

Use our mobile app to scan a room and automatically generate 2D and 3D floor plans that are as helpful for visualizing your ideas as they are for technical space planning. 


Get down to the details

From wall colors to flooring to appliances and cabinet styles our 3D Floor Planner lets you customize every inch of your design.


Drag-and-drop simplicity

Who knew building walls, adding windows, and moving furniture could be such a light lift? Adjust your 3D floor plan until it’s just right.


More than meets the eye

Along with life-sized tours, our 3D house design software offers dollhouse and aerial views, as well as a life-sized, augmented reality walkthrough.

How our 3D floor plans help your business stand out

When it comes to clients, there are some things they need to see to believe. Not only will our 3D Floor Plan software help you establish yourself as a professional from the jump—it will help you get the “wow” you’ve been looking for. With digitized, detailed walkthroughs, clients will feel like they’re working with the most tech savvy pro in the business. But don’t worry—they don’t need to know how intuitive and fun creating 3D floor plans can be!

"With Houzz Pro, I can make a floor plan on the app; with similar products you need to be on a laptop.”


Start your 3D floor plans off right 

Create stunning 3D floor plans even faster when you use Houzz Pro Mood Boards. Any detail accessible in our 3D home design app is available for mood boards, too—furniture, paint swatches, fixtures and more. From there, your mood board staples can be transferred to a 3D floor plan for spatial planning with a click. Align with clients on the overall look and feel of your design, then bring out the big tools to really sell them on your vision. Yep, we’re talking about your 3D floor plan design—the one where you can take clients from “whoa” to “wow” and collect feedback in real time. 


From 3D floor plan to professional proposal

Your 3D floor plan design can be used to expedite the proposal building process. Your business information and 3D floor plan products or fixtures are already pre-populated. Item images, prices, dimensions and more pull seamlessly from your product library without doing extra work. Want to further customize by adding a discount, attaching your 3D floor plan as a file or adding your own terms and conditions? No problem! Proposals can even be saved and recreated as templates for other projects in minutes. That’s why 4 out of 5 design pros create proposals twice as fast or faster with Houzz Pro.


Communication your clients can count on

Staying on top of communication with clients after you’ve shared your 3D floor plan is streamlined with Houzz Pro’s CRM. Say hello to organization and goodbye to the chaos of missing an email or forgetting to send a proposal. Just view your leads dashboard to see which prospects you owe a proposal, mood board or 3D floor plan. In the same view, check out which clients owe you a response and let Houzz Pro send them a friendly email reminder. Use quick replies to get communication out fast so you can get back to designing. Lead management isn’t a drag—in fact, 50% of designers save on hiring when they use Houzz Pro. It’s like having a team member you don’t have to hire.

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