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Double-Sink Bathroom Vanities

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Double bathroom vanities can do wonders for families of all types. The side-by-side design helps minimize sibling squabbles as well as create peace among couples. They also cut down on countertop clutter with more storage space below, and allow each individual to personalize their own space. It’s even said that having a double sink vanity makes your home more attractive to potential buyers, should you choose to sell it down the road. With all of these pros, it’s hard to not want one right away — but do you have the space for it? Find out if a two-sink vanity will fit in your bathroom and how to get the most out of one in the information below.

Finding the Space

You might be surprised to learn that all you need for a double-sink bathroom vanity is 60 inches of space. That’s five feet of your bathroom that would be well used for storage and daily routines for multiple people (at the same time if you’d like!). The 60-inch minimum is actually the width of the counter, so the vanity cabinet itself can be the same or a bit smaller. This width gives each person three to five inches on either side of their sink, which is plenty of room to do your own thing. Of course, if you have more room to spare, 72-inch counters are ideal. Go even wider if your bathroom calls for an oversized vanity — you won’t regret it!

Maximizing the Design

Once you’ve committed to adding a double bathroom vanity, you’ll need to consider the best design style to suit your space. Double vanities can feel large and bulky, which can be minimized by finding one with open shelving that makes the cabinet visually lighter while still providing plenty of storage. If you’re not a neat and tidy person, open storage is probably not the way to go. One way to make a large vanity feel less daunting is to use a wall-mounted one that exposes the floor underneath and feels like it’s floating. Another bonus is that you can scoot right up to the sink to wash your face without bumping your toes on anything! Even a small bathroom can accommodate a double sinks if two basins are truly important to you; just add a sizable medicine cabinet above to create extra storage where the countertop may be lacking.

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