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How billing and invoicing for general contractors works with Houzz Pro

No need to manually recreate an invoice from an estimate or remember where you put that stack of outstanding invoices. Our contractor billing software for contractors organizes everything for you in one easy step, improving accuracy and reducing billing errors.

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Billing software for contractors who want to exude professionalism

Professionalism matters for clients whether you’re on the job site or sending them an invoice. From accurate product and services totals to logo and business information, we ensure your invoices look on-brand every time. Leave manual billing errors in the past when you take our contractor invoice app for a spin.


Gentle client payment reminders 

Automated email reminders take even more off of your plate. Clients can see the payments they owe and complete payment without having to give you a call or send an email. To top it off, they can choose from multiple payment options. Our invoicing software for contractors allows clients to pay via credit card or bank transfer, directly from their phone! Getting paid on time has never felt so seamless.

"I love that with the invoice tool, clients can click a button to pay me! Online payments eliminates the awkwardness of asking for someone to write me a check. If a consultation goes over an hour, I’ll invoice them for the correct amount. When I get a lead we set up a consultation, I can send an invoice, and get paid before I roll out of my garage."

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Bigger margins, lower fees.

Our general contractor billing app makes payment quick. Capped ACH fees help keep more of your project earnings in your pocket.

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The contractor invoice app that offers project profitability at a glance

Enjoy the peace of mind that you’re protecting your profitability. Understand which projects are increasing your margins so you can replicate them for greater business growth. Houzz Pro helps you see all important financial data in one single interface.


Invoicing for contractors who want to stay accountant-ready

Need to prepare for a meeting with your accountant? No sweat. Houzz Pro’s invoice software for contractors integrate with your QuickBooks Online account keeping payments clear and organized.


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