Project management dashboard for general contractors

What you can expect from our general contractor project management software

Organized timelines with a sleek design make it simple for clients and vendors to know what’s happening and when. Whether you prefer Gantt or calendar view, the options to customize your project templates are endless.

general contractor project tracker

The contractor project management software that enables you to hit every milestone

Our visual project timelines organize projects using Gantt and calendar views to quickly spot holdups before they happen.


Only access the most up-to-date files

Prevent wasted time reviewing or working off of outdated documents with Houzz Pro’s cloud based file sharing capabilities. Gone are the days of misplacing papers and receipts in your truck or not being able to locate that email! Our general contractor project management software is here to help keep all of your records neat and tidy.

"Houzz Pro is amazing because it’s a cloud-based software that lets me have my office in my pocket. I can manage everything from my phone."
Raymond Chung,
General Contractor
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The contractor project management software that provides a clear view into project profitability

Ensuring you’re spending time where you’ll see the most return is impossible without accurate time tracking. Our project management software for general contractors is intuitive enough for any team to log their time so you can understand what’s driving business growth. 


Automatically updated client dashboards

Giving clients the updates they need to build trust is time-consuming, but necessary. That said, Houzz Pro helps your clients answer their own questions about project status and timelines through intuitive dashboards, configured to only show what you want them to see.

"One major thing that’s super beneficial is clients can go to the dashboard on their own without calling or texting me, which saves me time because I don't have to respond to so many inquiries about timeline, design decisions etc. They can go there and have everything they need - they feel supported and in control. This is the biggest expense they’ve had in their lives and they want to know there is organization to it. I've already had a referral from a client and the project isn't even completed because they are so happy with the experience they've had."


Remember to bill for every expense

When expenses are spread out between email and receipts covering your desk or dash, costly oversights are more likely to happen. Our general contractor construction project management software limits billing errors and organizes all of your deposits and expenses in one place.

General contractor shares a timeline with a vendor via project management software

Schedule change? No problem.

It’s not uncommon for general contractors to run into bad weather or material delays that require a change of plans. You need a way to get the word out to your team, and fast. Our contractor project management software streamlines this communication and makes it simple to revise your project timelines.

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